Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr Men Vintage TShirt - Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

Easy fellas... this could get nasty.  Little Man Promotions knows how put on a good show - this time round it's a grudge match between two old foes, Mr Bump and Mr Silly.  The latter has been running off his mouth about the the former's family.  And so, this time ...it is personal.

Don't miss the celebrity match-up of the millenium.  They might be little, but they sure know how to put on a show.  So let's get ready to rumble!!

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Colours: Black, Irish Green, Prairie Dust Brown, Royal Blue
Sex: Mens, Womens
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1 comment:

  1. Love it. Fight night!! Silly will put bump into submission. Nice T-shirt btw