Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vintage T-Shirt: Ax Men Become Conservationists

Has deforestation taken a back seat on the social agenda in recent years, amid the wars, financial crises and anything else the media has a momentary fixation on? 

I remember the good old days when it wasn't uncommon to flick on the evening news and see a couple of dishevelled protesters strapped to the base of a 40 ft Pine.  I'd watch eagerly, hoping for some confrontation.  In the eyes of their supporters, they were martyrs.  To their critics, they were ferals.

Wonderpunk Vintage Retro Funny T-Shirts: 'Reformed Loggers Society'

I suppose the topic is as much at the forefront today as it ever has been, only now it's discussed in the broader context of climate change.  Whilst logging per se hasn't been on my radar for a while now, I take comfort in the knowledge that the likes of Greenpeace and The Wilderness Society continue to fight for a tree's rights!


The Reformed Loggers Society is a support group for former ax men.  Though they live with the sap on their hands of scores of tree fatalities, there is a hope.

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